Webinar-Serie for occupational health experts in Nanotechnology Research

May 2021

First Webinar to introduce nano-ex: supported by the German accident insurance funds.

In order to present the occupational safety innovation ‘nano-ex’ to safety professionals at universities and research institutions in nanotechnology, DermaPurge is launching a webinar series in cooperation with the accident insurance funds.

Occupational safety and health in nanotechnology: Framework programme on nanosafety at A+A 2021, Germany's largest occupational safety congress

Framework programme coordinated on Nanosafety by DermaPurge

Together with experts from the Leibniz Research Network Nanosafety, the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, the DGUV and the Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (IAG) of the DGUV, DermaPurge is presenting a framework programme on “Nanosafety” at the A+A fair. A+A is Germany’s largerst occupational safety congress. Visitors will receive a comprehensive update about the current state of research, innovation and regulation on occupational safety and health in nanotechnology.

Save the date: 28th October 2021

Link: A+A: Programme and registration

May 2021

nano-ex: a novel standard first-aid kit for occupational health in nanotechnology

May 2021

nano-ex is now available within EU

If skin contact with nanoparticles occurs despite preventive measures when working with nanoparticles, nano-ex offers the first effective option for effective skin cleaning. nano-ex is soap-free and therefore TRGS-401-compliant, as the skin barrier is not impaired. nano-ex is suitable for all types of nanoparticles and removes more than 99% of all particles. nano-ex can be ordered immediately within the EU.

nano-ex: Product Information, Datasheet, and Contact Form