for effective removal of nanoparticles from the skin.

For the effective removal of nanoparticles from the skin, for use after unwanted skin contact with nanoparticles in research and industry. Removes more than 99% of nanoparticles from the skin. Soap-free and TRGS-401 compliant. Developed and patented by nanotechnology scientists.

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Effective and kind to the skin:
A look into the future.

We develop special cleaning products for effective and gentle removal of hazardous substances from the skin. According to occupational health guidelines like the German TRGS 401 (Hazard through skin contact), soap, soap-containing products or solvents are not suitable for this purpose, as the hazardous substances can be absorbed more easily through the skin.
The challenge is therefore to achieve effective and gentle cleaning without using harmful or impairing substances. In addition to gentle cleaning, however, a high degree of effectiveness is of course also crucial, as hazardous substances that are difficult to remove from the skin can also be passed on via contamination carry-over.


Effective skin cleaning of hazardous substances - inform us about problems to be solved!

DermaPurge is on the lookout for further challenges. We develop targeted solutions against hazardous substances to improve occupational safety in industry and research. Determined. Scientifically sound. With excellent partners.

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